Les PNT grévistes vont détruire les efforts de tous les personnels d'AF !

Depuis quelques jours nos collègues PNT grévistes, punissent les clients d'Air France, détruisent les efforts des agents PNC, PS de la compagnie. Ces personnels ne gerent que leur carriere! 

Mesdames Messieurs, ne mettez pas en danger l'avenir de NOTRE companie par un mouvement egoïste qui massacre nos efforts.

ENCORE MERCI A NOS COLLEGUES CDB et PILOTES NON GREVISTES : Ceux là méritent nos remerciements et notre profond respect. Mesdames, Messieurs, Merci.


For colleagues :

Since many days our pilot colleagues are punishing our AIRFRANCE KLM clients, destroying all the efforts made by the staff of the airlines. The pilots are merely looking to their carreer, nothing else!

Dear colleagues, Dear sirs, do not put at stake the future of our company continuing a selfish, egoistical movement that is deadly harming all the efforts made since today. Stop it, we are all fed up!

This selfish conflict seems to have no issue, and soon it will be too late. So let's all mobilise immediately and sign!

 Thank you to our Technical Crew operating the flight during this strike. Respect !


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