Furpocalypse - Stopping Animal Skinning

In many countries, defenseless animals are being skinned alive for their fur. They are trapped and taken away from their environments. Abused and poorly treated. Tortured and beaten partly to death and left to die, if they are lucky. Then, skinned and thrown in a pile of left over animals. If they didn't die during or after the beating, they get to feel their skin ripped off and eventually die in the discarded pile. All for what? So someone can have an expensive coat for a period of time? Nothing, and I mean nothing, in this world deserves to have a miserable life and horrific death! Especially, helpless animals. I saw a video on the Internet of this and it broke my heart. How can people who have the power to change be so cruel? I am up early in the morning thinking about what I, an average Joe, can do for these animals. I hope that my petition is heard and someone takes the challenge to be the voice for these animals! This is a dark and cruel world as is, why can't we shed some light and bring mercy to it? Banning the skinning of animals will not only give justice and safety for these poor animals but it will also show humanity that humans have the capability to peacefully live with our Earth's creatures. I say again, nothing deserves to live a miserable life and die a horrific death!